Problems for sex workers

Prostitution is often associated with human trafficking. This is not a real picture of reality and it is not what we are talking about here. Sex workers come in many forms from amateurs who only do pay dates and the pros and specialists to the people who especially get their kick out of it. This world is flooded with opinions and feelings from all corners.

Here, however, we stick to facts and figures. Your profession is your choice. Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands. Sex workers pay taxes, but often, as entrepreneurs, they are without rights. No bank that wants to give you a mortgage after 3 years. Even worse, when you want to ask for advice from agencies, they seem to want to help you only when you want to leave your profession. This is going to change here.

We give you advice on:

  • Setting your business goals in a way that you can actually reach them
  • Communication with your customer
  • Marketing
  • STDs and health
  • Drugs
  • Handling aggression
  • Dealing with your double life
  • Ways to practice your profession as fun and safe as possible
  • Specialisations to improve yourself

Did someone in your area voluntarily decide to work as a sex worker and do you not know how to deal with this?

We work with experiential experts who really know what you need.