There are several possibilities for consulting me. Every form has its own possibilities.

Consult in my practice

  • € 95,- per hour
  • Hypnosis session € 190, – (duration 2 hours)

Consult on location

  • € 95, – per hour, minimum 2 hours and excluding travel expenses
  • Hypnosis session € 190, – excluding travel expenses (duration 2 hours)

Telephone or Skype consultation

  • € 95,- per hour, with a minimum of € 95, –
  • The consultation is a combination of counselling and quantum hypnosis (conversational hypnosis)
  • Send an email to make an appointment for this.
  • The consultation follows after payment.


  • € 25 per question
  • Suitable for counselling, not hypnosis.
  • Questions by mail will be answered within 36 hours after payment.

Appointments can be cancelled up to 24 hours before the appointment was scheduled. After that I am regrettably forced to charge a consultation. Look here to consult our general terms and conditions.

Bank account NL50 INGB 0008 5186 30 in the name of Hypnosis Praktijk Daisy


Do not forget to consult your doctor first and to rule out medical reasons before deciding to switch to Sex Power Hypnosis

Changes in libido, vaginal lubrication, new pains and erectile dysfunction should always be checked by your doctor before any physical cause can be ruled out. Menopause, diabetes, thyroid problems and serious illnesses can be the cause of sexual dysfunctions and should be investigated first. Worries about your health can also be a cause of sexual dysfunction. Obtaining security about your health is a great way to start!