Hypnosis is a state in which there is direct access to the subconscious. It is a pleasant method that creates a calm and relaxed state of body and mind. A state in which everything is just perceived and there still is a direct access to the subconscious. Actually quite similar to guided meditation.

Still, hypnosis and meditation are two different things. If you are in hypnosis, you are in a state where you are open to suggestions or are completely focused in the moment. A hypnotic experience, for example, is not unlike the experience you have when if you automatically become completely absorbed in your work, or if you suddenly see that you are almost there when you are driving. Then you have actually been a little bit in hypnosis. Hypnosis affects the beliefs you have. By changing those beliefs you can change the behaviour that you experience as unpleasant.

Quantum hypnosis or conversational hypnosis is a combination between quantum physics and hypnosis. It combines two sciences and allows you to find and eliminate unconscious beliefs that keep you from realizing your wishes.

In a very brief explanation you could say that in the quantum physics, spirit and matter are not considered separate. They would influence each other and be part of an energy field, the quantum field. Everything is energy, even ‘solid’ matter like a chair or a wall. But also a thought. The quantum field is the formlessness within which everything is still possible. By removing the focus from “the problem”, access to the solution is created. Before the chair became a chair, it was nothing more than a thought. That’s how it is with everything.

Energy is connected and is moving. For example, scientists have shown that a person’s DNA responds to that person thousands of miles away.

Quantum hypnosis is actually a hypnosis in which you change someone’s thinking to a more positive way of thinking, purely through the use of techniques during conversation. One never has the feeling that one is in a hypnosis, but spontaneously feels a lot better after the session. Quantum hypnosis has the power to very strongly stimulate the self-healing process in people. When that happens, transformations occur that most people did not think possible at first.

I started studying hypnosis because in my consults I can quickly get to the core of someone’s problem. I therefore know how to offer various solutions/options that you can independently apply. However, not everyone is able to “press the button”. Hypnosis often gives the last push. This is because it breaks through stubborn patterns and beliefs that have often been maintained for a lifetime. So I use it as a reboot for the stranded brain.

In February 2018 I completed my education in HBO Sexology. This is to specialize in the issues of this topic in women.

A hypnosis session usually lasts up to 2 hours and costs € 150, -. One session is usually enough to get rid of the problem.

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