About me

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

My name is Daisy. I like to inspire people to be themselves. Whether that is because they can still grow or because they lost themselves, for example through condemnation and disappointment. I call it consciously inspiring, because clients have the ability to make the change that is needed. I only inspire and they do the rest themselves. That is the philosophy that I have followed in my entire professional career and it has led to positive results.

I myself am someone who has not often followed the path of least resistance. This path has strengthened me and taught me that failure does not exist and that mistakes are learning moments that, together with successes, form life. It has taught me above all that these life experiences are essential in the practice of my calling.

Human psychology has always fascinated me. Why do we do what we do, why does someone else have to have an opinion about it and what does this do to us? I found human sexuality something to investigate, so I went to study as a sexologist. This is an immensely extensive area. My specializations are male and female problems, gender diversity and kinksters.

At the beginning of 2018 I completed my college education as a Sexologist. Before that, I already covered mountains of books, interested as I was in more information about why people are as they are. But quantum physics also attracted me enormously. The difficulty with theoretical training is the “thinking in boxes”. What I like is to support my ideas and feeling with facts and science. People often choose either “alternative” or “science”, but in my opinion these two could support each other a bit more. What I find more important is letting people be themselves. No one should have to hide who they are. The subject of sexology also came my way because many of my clients are struggling with problems in this area. This is also a subject that is often not easy to broach. Your feeling and behaviour has a reason. That is always the case and for everyone. I do not need to know what that reason is to accept who you are. Because this is tangible for you, our consultation will be pleasant and easy.

Learning to use your positive thinking power is something I like to convey to people who are struggling with all kinds of stagnation in any area of ​​life. The way you look at an event determines what you see. When it is difficult for you to turn your brain into a more positive way of thinking, I use Quantum Hypnosis (conversational hypnosis). Other forms of hypnosis are certainly possible but often not necessary.